How to build visitor confidence sharing what others are about to buy

People take comfort in the action of others. Travel sites know this. That’s why you’ll see ‘11 other people are looking at this hotel right now‘ messages popping up. There’s not time to linger if you want to book that room.

It’s the premise of both scarcity and social proofing. Persuading you to act (and act quickly) based on the actions of other website visitors.

When I’m on your product page how are you building my confidence to shop quickly and complete my order?

FOMO have just released a new feature to their social-proofing platform that will inform your site visitors when other shoppers add products to their cart.

A small, non-obtrusive, corner pop-up that notifies your site visitor when somebody, typically, has made a purchase. See the example below:


Ecommerce Marketing - How To Social Proof Your Website


With FOMO’s latest launch you can now present your visitors with add-to-cart actions.  The benefit? There’s a far greater frequency of people adding products to carts than there is of completing transactions.

If you sell products using scarcity (limited stock – QUICK ORDER NOW!) telling your site visitors that other visitors, right now, are reducing their chances of getting what they want? It’s a powerful motivator.

Add-to-cart notifications will also work for low-volume sales sites (eg. ecommerce startups and high-value transaction sites). The impact of ‘this just happened minutes ago’ versus ‘this just happened hours ago is a positive trust builder.

Shopify integration is simple. You simply slide the ‘add to cart notifications’ on and FOMO syncs live customer actions to begin showing notifications right away:

How to install FOMO




FOMO is a simple tool I’ve seen success (measured in sales) with countless times. It’s a great (and inexpensive) piece of tech that directly integrates with Shopify and a host of other ecommerce platforms. Use this link and you can take a free trial of FOMO + receive an exclusive 50% discount on your first monthly payment. Good news too – there’s no contract and FOMO’s reporting tool will quickly demonstrate the impact FOMO is having upon your site conversion.

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