Let's learn new ways to drive your ecommerce growth.

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Your route to next stage ecommerce growth

Are acquisition costs steadily increasing? Are you at the stage where growth has tailed off? Are you ready to learn how to achieve next stage growth for your ecommerce business?

I'm sharing 20+ years of insight growing ecommerce brands. Having working with 250+ brands focused on profitable growth strategy, I'm here to offer you guidance and direction on the use of marketing technology that will drive your ambitious plans.

Whether you're looking to drive greater profit or reviewing performance ready for investment, I'm here to help.

Audit Stage One: Technology & Data Insight
Laying solid foundations for growth

We take a modular approach. Whether you’re looking at your traffic, acquisition or repeat business strategy, use of technology, scaleability of platform or overall business model. The outcome will be an action plan of recommendations to help you drive your next stage of ecommerce growth.

We begin by ensuring you build on the correct foundations. This will include review of your platform, data integrations (Google Analytics, Tag Manager etc), customer data and ecommerce marketing technology.

We will then outline next steps based upon your own criteria. We can go as granular as needs be.

I’m here to advise and guide. Your ecommerce audit and recommendations are delivered to give you greater confidence in how you invest your time, budget and people to deliver ecommerce growth.

Ian Rhodes
Ecommerce Audit & Review

Audit Stage Two: Customer Experience
Remove the roadblocks that stop people buying through your website

Your Ecommerce Audit is designed to deliver a series of quick wins and longer-term direction to prepare you for your next stage of your ecommerce growth.

Get advice and guidance to help you better understand why people leave your website without spending.

I’m here to help. Your ecommerce audit and recommendations is a process devised to explore new ways to motivate people to buy what you sell.

Audit Stage Three: Growth Strategy
Discover long-term wins to grow your sales more profitably and define your marketing process

* complete review of the use of marketing technology
* get guidance on running a continual process of a/b testing
* discover how to make better use of email marketing to help motivate your visitors to buy
* review of traffic acquisition channels, eg. Google Ads and Facebook Ads
* ensure the correct data is available to you through Google Analytics
* review of checkout process inc. shipping and discounting strategy
* learn how to improve the performance of your category and collection pages
* learn why visitors are abandoning carts and what you can do to recover more sales
* find out how to get more usable insight from your website visitors
* make better use of personalisation and automation tools
* bring structure and focus to your homepage
* advice to help you increase valuable customer reviews and feedback

… during our initial call we’ll ensure our work is focused on the areas of your website where we can expect to grow your conversion rate and revenue.

The Ecommerce Audit Process

The objective is to give you complete confidence in your planning and direction for all ecommerce marketing activity.

During our initial call we’ll set out an agenda of activity that will involve a complete audit of your website visitor’s journey through your website.

I will then prepare documentation that will summarise all findings and provide insight to assist you with implementing a series of prioritised recommendations

Our in-house workshop will provide an opportunity to deliver practical, action points that will help grow your ecommerce revenue.

The workshop will act as a catalyst for your ecommerce growth strategy and provide you and your team with greater confidence to drive the success of your ecommerce business forward

Upon completion of your audit I’m readily available to provide further advice and assistance as you begin implementing the changes that will help you convert more visitors into customers and more customers into repeat buyers.

Ecommerce Review, Audit and Recommendations

Book your Ecommerce Marketing Review & Audit

The Ecommerce Audit & Workshop costs vary dependent upon the depth of work we’re carrying out. For guidance, costs for prior audits have ranged between £2000 ($3250) and £5000 ($7500). To check availability and learn more about my Ecommerce Audit Programme call me direct on +44(0)7545 822460, email me at [email protected] or drop your details across in the form below. I’lll be in touch right away.